Gaming for the Whole Summer! Great Gaming Monitor, only $399.99!

Summer comes! Games never stop! Gearbest delicately selects cool gaming gadgets for you!
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What devices could make you have better gaming experience?

The first one we would like to recommend you is the HKC G32 31.5 inch monitor, only $399.99, using the coupon, GBHKG32. Its refresh rate, reaching 144Hz refresh rate definitely gives you immersive gaming experience!

If you are a Portuguese user, you can take a closer look at the following keyboard. Alfawise v1 mechanical keyboard is Portuguese friendly. You can buy it at $38.99, using the coupon ALFAV1PT.

 You can expect some good deals in this promotion. There are three waves of flash deals. They starts at 9:00 UTC, repectively on June 26, 28 and 30. For example, you can have the English version of Xiaomi Mi Wifi Amplifier 2, only at $ 7.99. Don't miss any good deals!

Now you can get Chuwi K8 Karaoke Microphone for free, once you buy one Xiaomi Mi Smart Network Speaker! They only cost you $74.99.
There are also good gaming devices from the departments of Computer Components, Computer Peripherals and Gaming Routers.