Xiaomi Mini Speaker Review

With the popularization of digital products, more and more consumers interested in this, today let me bring you this small bedside Bluetooth spearker, whether in such a small body hidden in a kind of strength, follow my article to know about it.if want to got it from Gearbest with coupon XMBS for $20.99.


When I open the box,the noble black really caught my attention. A closer look, this product is really the Mi series products, power for the sound is 1 meters and 1s universal power supply, which makes the Speaker own the function of mobile charger.

Appearance of the details

Round shape looks really cute, three-dimensional coupled is smaller.
The material of this speaker is not a bit vague, aluminum fuselage plus with exquisite craft, this product embodies strong technology and fashion sense.

Mellow and full Line design which makes the speaker look round are very beauty from every angle.

The actual performance

This speaker has no audio output line, all by Bluetooth output. Unfortunately my laptop has no Bluetooth, so I use the M1 cellphone for test.

Press the function key 5 seconds to pulse-on this product,then open mobile phone Bluetooth pairing, and the speaker will issued sound for prompt the pairing successful.The speaker will began to work when you play the music on mobile phone. 

I Tried several some pop music,I’m satisfied with the performance of the speaker. If you are not a music fancier, so this sound box is very suitable for you. Unique design,great sound quality, imaginary you open it before bedtime, you can sleep with melodious music, that is how comfortable.Design of respiratory lamp is also very good.


This Xiaomi Mini Speaker is millet very sincere a peripheral products, and generation of Bluetooth audio (I have a generation of product experience) compared, this one both of the shape and process can achieve a breakthrough.  also the price is quite reasonable. Finally end point, cover design and audio output interface, let me very puzzled. What do you think of this speaker, share your comments on this here.

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