Only $119.99 for NEUVISION 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Platform Flexible Cradble Head

Coupon Code: NVS3
Coupon Price: $119.99 

Main Features:

NEUVISON Triaxial Handheld Gimbal Camera Platform enables the horizontal rotation, vertical pitch and flip horizontal direction to reach separate adjustment, perfectly achieving the excellent adjustment and accurate composition.

According with human engineering handle design principle, firmly lock photograph location, providing the convenience and smoothly touch feeling.

Suitable for the panoramic scenery, sport action shoot, interview, selfie, and any other photos capture.

Fully compatible with all kinds of digital devices with the similar size as iPhone 6 plus / 6 / 5s / 5 / 4s / 4 / Samsung Note 4 / 3, etc.

Notes Before Use:

Keep the camera platform flat before use the mobile phones, making sure that the platform can keep vertical and horizontal in the status of no power.
It needs to be corrected when the camera platform showing one of the follwing situations:
ROLL axis and the horizontal line appears small angle deviation
PITCH axis and vertical axis deviation small angles,
YAW axis exists frequent revision at rest

Shooting Skills: Holding the handle, arm movements remain stable, keep light and steady pace as far as possible.

Operation Guide:

Install smartphones: Open the clip of the mobile phone and clamp it tightly.
Adjustment the mobile phones side to side: In order to keep the balance of ROLL axis and the PITCH axis before power on.
Ready to start: Check whether the mobile phone installation is firm, press the power button, then the camera platform will normally work.

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