Only $5.59 Shipped for Practical Expedition Magnesium Fire Starter

Coupon Code: FireStarter

Main Feature:
You can use it easily and quickly to start a fire when you need one

Its high-heat spark makes fire easy in any weather and at any altitude

It is an essential tool for any one in any military and outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, hiking or hunting trips

Burst out high-heat sparks by striking the flint bar to ignite paper, dry grass or bark easily

Lightweight, safe, fireproof and dampproof

Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition, including moist weather or low temperature

Easy to use and extremely portable

Durable and every flint can be used for more than one thousand times

Flint Diameter: 0.7 cm
Flint Length: 6.5 cm
Scraper Length: 7.5 cm
Material: Flint (magnesium), scraper (iron)

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