Chuwi Hi8 will rising in price!!!


Price: $92.59
( Note:the price will go up on June 24th )

As more and more tablets released in the electronic market, many manufacturers try their best to seize the market and dual boot tablet becomes one of the selling point later. Today, I would like to introduce you a cost-effective two-in-one PC tablet – Chuwi HI8 dual boot tablet.

Chuwi are a well known brand in the Chinese tablet space. The latest tablet from the company happens to be the Chuwi Hi8, which is a rather easy to handle tablet (thanks to the size) with some noteworthy features.

Overall white fuselage design makes Chuwi HI8 dual boot tablet looks simple and elegant. Besides, 8 inch IPS narrow side white diamonds large screen, with 7.9mm ultra-thin fuselage, it brings you better holding experience and compact and portable for you to carry out. The highlight of the screen is the winkey that you can see clearly on the screen, conveniently and easily operation for you to return to the home page, very humane design.

Then, I wanna tell you something about its configurations. Hi8 carries strong Intel Z3736F chips, 64 bit nuclear mainstream up to 2.16GHz. Compared with the Z3735F, its comprehensive performance increases by 30%, power consumption by 45%, perfectly supporting Win10 with Android 5.0 upgrade. Besides, it adopts 7th generation Intel Graphics, and the image frequency is up to 646MHZ. Powerful GPU and CPU bring you high speed and smoothly operation when you use it.

At a price cheaper than that of the Intel Compute Stick, the Hi8 offers not only a screen but also a couple of cameras: a VGA front and a 2 mega-pixel rear. It is powered by a 4000mAh battery which according to the company should live up to 5 hours of screen-on, i.e., real world work times.

A lot of mini and nano PC’s have shown up in the recent months in China, but if makers such as Chuwi keep dishing out tablets like the Hi8, mini PC’s will soon go out of business.

What’ s more, it is a dual boot tablet, which supports Android 4.4 and Window 8.1 dual systems. And it is easy and simple for you to change the system, just one key switching and you can see this operation on the bottom of the desktop.

All in all, Chuwi HI8 dual boot tablet is a best attempt to make a PC replaced by a tablet. We can do this and have no need to bring the heavy PC and go out, just a 8 inch tablet, compact and portable. Just have a try.

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