Only $55.61 to Get NO.1 G2 Bluetooth Smartwatch + Free Shipping

Price: $55.61


  • ● Smarter all round: No.1 G2 watch is the next step in smartwatch evolution
    ● Stunning Display: 1.54 inch TFT touch capable screen,240*240 pixels
    ● Scratch-resistant Sapphire Glass: Rated at 9H Hardness (tougher than Gorilla Corning Glass)
    ● Active Lifestyle: Manage phone calls and answer wherever you go
    ● Personal Trainer: Pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, calories burned and more
    ● Get Connected: Latest Bluetooth 4.0 for rock solid connectivity
    ● Mobile Life: Compatible with iOS and Android
    ● Music Anywhere: Sync, control and wear your music with the music player

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