Only $29.39 for SJMD X2 Smart Bluetooth Dialing Watch Wireless Headset Wristband

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Price: $29.39

    X2, a Bluetooth headset smart wristband, is your faithful friend who brings a lot of sunshine of your life. When you are talking a phone call and jogging at the same time, X2 still will track your sports; When a call comes, X2 will remind you; When you go to sleep, X2 will still keep on work, monitor your sleep; Of course, you can use X2 to make Bluetooth dialing, listen to music and make hand free calls. X2, fully serve for you!

Main Features:
• Bluetooth dialing: You can make a phone call via Bluetooth.
• Hand-free calls: With a wireless Bluetooth headset, you can make hand-free calls. When you do sports, driving, it is convenient for you to answer a call.
• Call reminder: X2 will vibrate when a call is coming, you never will miss a important call.
• Sport tracking: Record your sports data, distance, steps and calories. It will still track your sport during a phone call.
• Sleep monitoring: Monitor your sleep quality, help you develop a good living habits.
• Enjoy music: It is always fun and comfy to listen to the music on your Bluetooth headset.

Support system: X2 supports Android 4.3 / iOS 6.1 and above system, Bluetooth 4.0.

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