The Best Accessories You Really Need For Your Xiaomi Yi Action Sports Camera!!!

The Xiaomi Yi Action camera ($67.07 free shipping)was a great move by Xiaomi. People around the world are buying up GoPro cameras, and looking at the popularity of SJCAM’s offerings there is obviously a market for are more affordable solution.
In an un-Xiaomi style though the Yi Action camera was launched with some major issues. The first being that the Yi doesn’t ship with a waterproof and shock proof case to keep it safe, and the second being the threaded type mount the camera uses making it impossible for us to make use of GoPro style mounts.
Luckily the camera has been popular and a market for accessories has formed around the lightweight camera. Here are 7 of the most useful we have found so far. 
This was the big missing item when the Yi launched. Without a protective waterproof case the Yi is useful for only mild use, but with the case you can skydive, swim with the sharks and go downhill mountain biking and not worry about smashing your camera.
And now the original xiaomi yi waterproof case has already in stock on gearbest now and costs just $25.60 free shipping now. The mount on the base means you can easily connect the Yi action camera to a GoPro style mount and even directly to the base of a quad-copter for aerial video.

Original Xiaomi Yi Bluetooth Remote Controller 4.1 Version Fits for Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera


Main fearthers;
-10m remote control -Excellent battery life -Bluetooth 4.1 compatible with cellphones -One button to select recording or shooting (only for Xiaomi Yi) -Only need one time match, no complicated procedures -Original Bluetooth remote from Xiaomi Yi sports camera
Now you can get this bluetooth remote at $13.89 free shipping on gearbest.

Bluetooth 4.1 compatible with cellphones

Material: Aluminium alloy
Joint number: 6
Length: 182mm - 710mm
Max diameter: 25mm
Weight: 183g
Load-bearing: 20kg
Connector type: 1/4 inch
Fits for Xiaomi Yi sports camera
Note: The cellphone in picture is not included

Now you can get this bluetooth selfie at $29.30 free shipping on gearbest.
Warm Prompt:

You must upgrade the firmware of Xiaomi Yi sports camera to V1.1.0 or above to use the remote.

Main Features:

Wide angle 150 degree camera lens for Xiaomi Yi camera
With broad perspective and vision
12 million pixels
You can replace the lens by yourself when it damaged
Especially suitable for skydiving, street shooting, diving, etc.
Material: ALU+optical glasses
Now you can get this bluetooth selfie at $10.56 free shipping on gearbest.

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