ONEPLUS TWO, Beautiful, Powerful, and Future-Proof

The good news is that the OnePlus phone makes some significant improvements to the specs while keeping the OnePlus 2 price relatively low. It features a better everything, from the display on the front, to the camera in the back and to the internal chips in between. OnePlus has what it boldly calls a "2016 flagship killer."

What is it? 

The Chinese firm's next cut-price flagship smartphone

Should we buy Oneplus Two? 

It comes with Android 5.0 Corning 3 Gorilla Glass, 5MP + 13MP Cameras, and 4GB RAM 64GB ROM, the OnePlus is powered by the Snapdragon 810 chipset and 4 GB RAM — yeah, it’s a real screamer — and handles everything from quickly switching between multiple apps to 3D games just fine.definitely worth having one. 

How to buy the OnePlus 2?Buy the OnePlus 2 without an invite

As before you'll need an invite in order to buy the OnePlus 2 direct from the company. There are more invites available than last year as well as a new reservation system. All the details are here: How to get a OnePlus 2 invite.

There are ways and means to get hold of the OnePlus 2 without an invite if obtaining one proves difficult, of course. Gearbest now has 'some' stocks both of the 64GB and 16GB Sandstone Black OnePlus 2, which you can order it now. Hurry Up! 

What will it cost?

$395.99 for 16GB,  $465.99 for 64GB

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