Update on 18 August

Coupon code: GBhetai

$68.99 for Hetai Nautilus Waterproof WiFi Sports DV

Product's link: http://goo.gl/PI1qnO

Main Features:
●Nemo's Eye
Nautilus does not need extra waterproof case. It is with waterproof and multifunctional design, which is a revolutionary change in the action sports and dash camera industry.
●Its ultra-compact, stylish black metal shell with pro-design allows you to keep Nautilus.
●120 degree wide-angled lens is one of the best angle of view, the open field of vision. Recording objects will not be deformed, to let you enjoy the pleasure of recording.
●Always carry it with you to record your fun while enjoying at a party, cycling, driving, climbing, flying, paragliding sports even the diving.
●Nautilus, named after Captain Nemo's submarine - because it can go underwater. The waterproof depth can reach 5 meters.
●It is a Full HD 1080P multifunctional camera. Video resolution is much clearer than before any cameras. Even if it is cloudy, rainy day, it is also clear.
●At the same time, the function of WiFi that you can control it by your smart phone.

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