Teclast X98 Air - High-definition Display To Dual Boot

Teclast X98 size close to the Air Square

Price: $189.73
In also dual boot tablet this time, we will introduce the product "Teclast X98 Air" budding manufacturer located in Guangzhou of China. Also because dual boot from someone's standpoint to our Japanese users is a novelty, but it is a product that has a fairly distinctive part other than it.

1. specs

OS: Windows 8.1 / Android 4.4 dual boot 
CPU: Intel Atom Z3736F (1.33GHz / 2.16GHz) 
Storage: 64GB 
Display: 9.7 inches IPS 2,048 × 1,536 
camera: in two million pixels / out five million pixel 
input and output: microUSB , microHDMI, microSD, microphone / headphone jack 
network: 802.11b / g / n, 3G (WCDMA 2100MHz) 
Battery: 8000mAh, battery operating time up to 7 hours 
Size: 24 x 16.9 x 0.8 cm, weight 0.536 kg
Supplement. CPU is not the latest CherryTrail, the latest Z3736F is equipped with Atom Z3700 series. In addition, the storage also 64GB is It is better pretty good as recently. The camera performance is reasonable and out five million pixels, more of the size aspect is almost the same as the iPad Air, iPad slightly thicker than the Air, weight I have quite lost, in any way heavier as Windows tablet 10 inch There is none. It is rather light better. Why, and say whether a look-alike size and iPad Air ... you will after this.

2. There is confidence on the display

The most become care is the display. Size itself of "9.7 inches", but I do not see a Windows tablet. Actually X98 Air, screen size and resolution it's the same as iPad Air (Air 2 also). I think you can see in the above image, but the aspect ratio is probably 4: 3, has become a form close to a square than other Windows tablet. For a display resolution, Windows tablet is's a generally have poor resolution compared to iPad

X98 Air, there is described If you look at the article in the originally released the news site as "IGZO display", but currently does not have a character of "IGZO". Because of that IGZO is a trademark, probably I think What a problem of over there relationship. I'd representation that the "Retina" that is being used instead, kana, as this is also okay.Anyway, as manufacturers will suggest that you have a strong confidence in the quality of the display.

3.SIM slotted

X98 is the Air comes with a SIM slot corresponding to the 2G / 3G. Although the band manner it could use if DoCoMo, please keep in mind that it violates the Radio Law and used in Japan because there is no Technical Conformity mark. It leaves only a little more the story of Technical Conformity mark. Many of parallel import goods of tablet is not attached Technical Conformity mark, it will be illegal when things like emit radio waves (data communication in general, including, for example, Bluetooth connection). However, this only popular mobile devices such as smartphone, visitors from abroad Given the current situation, which (in their smartphone that does not have Nante Technical Conformity mark usually) there are many, strict operation of law is not easy , were caught using a smartphone or tablet of parallel import goods, it is not happening in reality that. If strict when the operation of the law immediately when the foreign tourists use the Wi-Fi spot of domestic illegal, but must be as immediately caught, such a thing should not want anyone. Some people referred to as "no choice if the foreigner", or the Radio Law is why to exist, to think in principle the theory that, Japanese foreign is good in bad, I but I think that theory is not Spoken called. However, let's just understand.

4. Yappa discount

Teclast X98 Air beautiful design
X98 Air, rather than never that the low-end tablet, may also be provided with a high-definition display, but I rather feel even luxury.

Via: Win-tab.net

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