【Hands On】 Cube iWork11 Stylus 2in1 Tablet PC Windows 10 + Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 + 4GB RAM 64GB ROM + 10.6 inch FHD

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Price: $261.88

Cube iWork11 Stylus

1. Product Overview

OS: Windows 10 Pro 32-bit 
CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8300 
storage: 64GB 
Display: 10.6 inches IPS (1,920 × 1,080) 
network: 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 
camera: In-2MP / out 5MP 
input and output: microUSB3.0, miniHDMI, DC power adapter, audio, microSD 
input and output (keyboard): USB2.0 × 2 
Size: 27.3 x 17.2 x 1.0 cm / weight 673 g 
size (keyboard): 27.3 x 18.2 x 1.3 cm / weight 600 g 
Battery: 8600mAh, maximum running time of 5 hours 
Others: Wacom digitizer mounted. However stylus pen and a dedicated keyboard sold separately
Cube iWork11 system information
What was a little surprising to try to confirm the actual equipment is that OS was a 32-bit Pro. I was thought to be the OS of course the 64-bit version, since it's a Chinese products are equipped with Atom of CherryTrail. Dare reason for the 32-bit version is I do not know well, I think kana compatibility around the digitizer, and. I think you have absolutely 64-bit so unless Chinese manufacturers really.
Cube iWork11 storage
I tried to immediately check the status of storage in the hands of the actual equipment.As free of the above image was a little less than 45GB. However, trial machine rather than the unopened goods, because such things have been also used in other tests, was not in the initial state. Windows 10 is the November update (version 1511, Threshold 2) has not been applied, has been updated immediately after you took this image. Of course we were able to update without problems. Well, because the original storage of 64GB, It is all right even without checking nervously free space about 32GB of the product.
In addition, product prices are as follows. Of December 5, 2015 now, is the price in GEARBEST who have provided trial machine.
Cube iWork11 Tablet PC: 261.88 dollars (£ 33,039) 
Cube CDK02 Tablet PC Keyboard: 55.83 dollars (7,044 yen) 
Cube CEP01 Wireless Touch Pen: 30.04 dollars (3,790 yen) 
Total Price: $ 347.75 (¥ 43,873)
In particular, I think not even talk inconvenience to GEARBEST, but it is the exchange rate evil too (126.16 yen). Likely to become cheaper is better to use the exchange rate of the credit card company with settlement in dollars. I but is several hundred yen.
With that said, "¥ 10,000 little in CherryTrail" like a discount feeling as China tablet of 8 inches is thin. Since the price of total ¥ 40,000 stand first half, Japanese manufacturers of low-priced 10 inches 2 in 1 and or equivalent, it will cost a little. However, "CherryTrail, RAM4GB, storage 64GB, digitizer" in consideration of up to a place called, Rashiku still China tablet, it will be said to be a strong cost performance.

2. opening

Cube iWork11 outer box

This is the outer box that contains the tablet body. Because as trial machine wrote above not unopened goods, and your state that more of the box are also tired a little bit. It is not limited to this time of the actual machine, the Japanese that you get also allowed to use the brand new when you get to lend a real machine from the manufacturer it is rare, and then you will be lending a dedicated machine, and I I'm nothing to inconvenience on the actual reviews .
Cube iWork11 body accessories

It is a bundled product of the body. English and instruction manual written in Chinese in addition to the tablet body, Inspection Certificate, AC adapter, is a microUSB-USB conversion cable. This product is not to charge, powered by USB port, I use a dedicated adapter and power connector.

Cube iWork11 keyboard

Sold separately of the keyboard is of course entered into another box. It has a manual of one thing.

Cube iWork11 stylus

Stylus pen also is another packaging because it is sold separately, but it was simple packaging that does not change and it is sold at feel 100 yen shop I saw a ball-point pen.Since the garbage is reduced This is a welcome as I.

3. housing

cube iWork11 housing left

The housing has been firmly. The back of the material is not Yawa impression in the metal that seems made of aluminum alloy. Color may slightly metallic luster in the navy. Scratch might be conspicuous. Input and output ports on the side surface of the left side and are arranged to focus on the screen. DC power from the left, microUSB, microSD, miniHDMI, is the headphone jack.

Cube iWork11 housing right

It is the speaker is on the right side surface of the housing. If you have vertical the tablet will be good position, but rather the balance is poor if you use it to connect the keyboard.Because you can not hear sound only from the right side. Therefore, you can not expect the sound quality if you want to or watching a YouTube listen to music at the keyboard connection.
Cube iWork11 casing on

There is a power button and volume up and down buttons on the top. Texture to not bad, Tatetsuke also solid. After, also we can see the lens part of the camera.
Cube iWork11 housing bottom
The lower housing has a connector for the keyboard connection, (there is a horn to the keyboard) hole for connecting the keyboard to the left and right only there is. After that, although you have Windows button also reflected in the image, it is sensor type.
Cube iWork11 keyboard CDK02
Model number in the optional keyboard is "CDK02". This feature of the keyboard is the size of the key portion is sufficiently large, the size of the palm rest part and touch bad is small have become somewhat to sacrifice, I is that.
Cube iWork11 keyboard CDK02 expansion
Key pitch is about 18 mm, is deepening even keystrokes as a notebook PC. Not depression, such as in the exclusive machine to key, it is a flat surface. In addition, since between the key and the frame see the large gap, it is likely to be the bad When would spill Nante juice.
Cube iWork11 keyboard CDK02, touch pad
As touch pad I wrote above is pretty small. Why do not you measure the size it was about 67 × 40 mm. Mouse gesture and I will not support (scroll, pinch, pinch out, right-click with two fingers tap).
Cube iWork keyboard CDK02 USB port
On the back of the keyboard has poked 2 USB2.0 port full-size. Then you There is one microUSB3.0 port on the tablet body side, because the power supply is independent, scalability as 2 in 1 of this class it will say that high.
Cube iWork11 keyboard CDK02 stylus storage
On the back it's getting to be able to accommodate the stylus (sold separately). "Only is open hole" Though what is, kana enough in the need, I think.
Cube iWork11 stylus
Sold separately This is the stylus. Button I've got one, but not quite luxury, since considerably thicker than those that come with the VivoTab Note 8, I think the kana easy to grip. Color but has become a black in the product page of GEARBEST, because actually brown, when housed in the keyboard does not fit subtly color, because I wonder if your Aekyung.
Cube iWork11 keyboard CDK02 bottom

The surface of the keyboard (there is more of the key and the palm rest) is made of plastic, but the bottom is a tablet body and the same color of the navy, the material is also aluminum alloy.
Cube iWork11 tablet and to set the keyboard
This is the place where the combined tablet body and the keyboard. It is to fix with a magnet, but Japanese manufacturers product, specifically the other day Dosupara where the actual review " Diginnos DG-D11IW is not necessarily to secure the four corners as ", because the magnet is attached only to the side where there is a connector , it is not very stable. It will become apart when carry to put the bag in this state. Therefore, sleeve case for cell phone it will think mandatory or.
inateck sleeve case LC1201
By the way cases "of inateck you the other day actual review LC1201 will the magnitude of the perfect that it ". Personally, I feel that you obtained.
Cube iWork11 notebook PC form
Notebook PC form. Connection of the tablet and keyboard connector, the connection portion of the projection, and I fixed with a magnet. However, the connection strength as compared with such Diginnos DG-D11IW and acer Aspire Switch 10 of Dosupara is not quite dependable. Since the magnet is weak, it will be set doing aligned firmly with the naked eye. To say, since to a certain practicality is firmly fixed, but you can use enough even in unstable places such as on top of the knee, and then easily separated Lifting the only display part (Aspire Switch will have the only display part and It does not come off the keyboard also. You us care about together). So, when you lift has a keyboard side, gently along with a hand on the tablet side, you will feel that.
After that, I think that it is understood if people to take a look at the image, but it looks When you notebook PC form the "top-heavy". Because palm rest part is small, the balance of the design is not good. Well, I I is not even the fact that what if you do not mind.
Cube iWork11 side view
Display angle is 120 degrees and that's manufacturer published value. It is not possible to angle adjustment. It is possible to make a display on both sides of the cardboard such as the connection part, but that it lay is impossible on the structure.

4. feeling

When's actual review of Uintabu it is a common story, but this article is doing the text input and image processing in the trial machine. Long trial time as a notebook PC form that connected the keyboard, it was a such as video viewing in tablet form, such as during breaks.

Beautiful display in landscape

Display size of the trial machine 10.6 inches, the resolution is 1,920 × 1,080 since the aspect ratio of 16: 9 wide-type. Resolution of 8 inches Windows tablet 1,280 × 800 Toka 1,920 × 1,200, which is common in such as so 16:10, trial machine is a landscape layout than that. In addition, 10 inches common screen size in the Windows tablet of class is "10.1 inches", trial machine you will be just a little larger size, that than it.
I feel I have used actually, but still "lateral to a little big" w I have is supposed to be, however, the perceived, when used in particular in the notebook PC form, I feel quite a difference. In other words, easy to use, is that. In addition, since the resolution of a notch than the Aspire Switch 10 (1,280 × 800), the screen will also be felt very clean. In my case, very similar size, because it has a 2 in 1 of similar specs, you can feel quite clearly the difference, a lot of people because it seems that there is no in such environment, Aspire Switch screen is dirty, never, not in the sense that, there is no trouble even with a 10-inch display of the resolution of normal use in the minute 1,280 × 800, it should have refused that.

Long hand-held tablet tight

There are slightly oblong, also be referred to by the weight of the tablet body is 673 g, and it is tough for a long time as a hand-held tablet. Pretty arm is tired. In addition, since the position of the speaker is not only on the right side when horizontal retention, will also be bad balance of sound. When's vertical retention to reverse not that bad, but I wish difficult to hold still, I feel. Of course, when compared to 8 inches tablet because it is a large screen, the case in the game, and case to the video viewing, I though force is felt.
When it comes to this size, usually used to connect the keyboard as a notebook PC, and is used as a tablet, it is to use in the feeling that recommended when a little breather, called.

Digitizer performance is satisfactory

Cube iWork11 digitizer

Thanks win-tab.net for the review, for more please go to the original site.

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