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After all the reviews and watch boring phones finally comes time for something normal and proklepneme really very popular Teclast x 98 Air III, who come down to us through our worthy šikmookým colleagues Gearbestu, whom we thank, of course. The third version of the series x 98 Air Although not boast ultra-modern hardware and compared to previous generations, even a slight step back, but he has up his sleeve trump card in the form of extra-low prices.So let's see whether he does not play a fake game:)


Teclast not a fan of boxing and monstrous and Teclast x 98 Air III is packaged in a box with a pleasantly compact povedeným color performance and unobtrusive design. From the packaging, although we know that inside we find Teclast tpad and accurate model to check we have to look everywhere on labels around the edges, but then do not buy a pig in a poke, so they will believe :)the package should contain only basic equipment, but the charger is even proper EU plug and therefore do not need to wrap with adapters, USB cable, OTG cable are also present and Chinese manuals nobody reads. Nitpicker might mention a very short USB cable, and the limited reach of charging or slightly avant-garde black / white when it is connected to a charger, but I nonchalantly everything aside and vice versa praise massiveness charger, which positively affects the speed of the charge itself. He arrived even added value in the form of the original packaging with a Bluetooth keyboard, but beyond that, of course, the customer has to pay extra


Teclast x 98 Series have always been very good and the airframe and Air III will make it even develops and strengthens, as it is a well-made piece, where nothing much neodfláklo. Serves as a base-metal shell, which is embedded into the plastic front page with a display and a small plastic strip also covers most of the upper edge, which is recently very popular solution, enhancing sensitivity of the Wi-Fi signal. In the hands of tablets act firmly and absolutely nothing anywhere nevrzne even at great effort, but thanks to a slightly more angular design seem thicker than it actually is and that "Air" effect is somehow not obtained the full. Colour is a well-selected combination of matt silver-gray metal surface with white plastic front, everything looks decent and prone to fingerprints it is not great.
Dimensionally is a standard 9.7 "tablet apple defined dimensions (240 x 169 x 8.2 mm), and as mentioned above, and those 8.2 mm in the hand appear slightly thicker. On the other hand, 534 g weight of the tablet is not too familiar and subjectively looks very easily. The display is covered ordinary glass without any modifications or protective technologies, and personally I would probably leave it for sure glued foil, because it will probably scratch more easily than is usual nowadays. Tablet is free from hardware control buttons of the system and thus the front side completely naked, except for a small front lens 2 megapixel camera. Rear side then performs a slightly larger lens 5 Mpix camera embedded in the plastic strip at the top and at the bottom we find a pair of speakers that have successfully disguised as stereo.
Controls, we settled on the upper left edge, and although both the power button and volume cradle only clear plastic, so it is good press and ordinary Chinese looseness at very low and acceptable level. A bit lower then find an open slot for microSD memory card without any caps and even a little lower then the microphone. The lower edge will offer a microUSB connector, of course, used as a power supply, 3.5 mm headphone jack and microHDMI output. That's all right and along the upper edge of disfigurement are absolutely nothing.
I can forgive a few poisonous words of the original and official package, which is advertised as an ideal complement work, which included Bluetooth keyboard. That is, the packaging itself is not the worst and his work, it but positioning options are very very limited and thus the problem is to use it as a stand as usual. BT supplied wireless keyboard is extremely lightweight and compressible, key travel is not bad even when they operate quite cheaply (especially the thin magnetic metal back) and it does not take much to criticize. The stumbling block, however, is a designer gadget highest class for which anyone deserved honoring the Order crowned idiot, because if the package is plugged into the tablet and the keyboard is no longer fit ... Above that someone had a long think.


One of the main cribs and bright spots of the entire tablet is being used 9.7 "Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels (ie aspect ratio of 4: 3). The IPS IGZO display offers excellent color rendering (perhaps too much saturated) and excellent sharpness and overall softness, quite simply it is a joy to behold. The maximum value of brightness does not reach example. Comparable display on the iPad Air, but on the other hand, in terms of immeasurable competition with a much higher price and in addition to the brightness of the display would be afraid to evaluate roughly the same. Pity the aforementioned lack of protective elements. Some versions of Gorilla Glass display would be suited. Generally, however, can only praise and viewing photos or movies is Teclast x 98 Air III cut out. Digitizer register up to 10 touches and sometimes I got a little lazier, but it was probably caused by a software addition.

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