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ONDA V919 Air CH


1. specs

OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit 
CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8300 
storage: 64GB 
Display: 9.7 inches IPS (2,048 x 1,536) 
network: 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 
camera: In-2MP / out 2MP 
input and output: microUSB, microHDMI, headphone jack, microSD 
Battery: 7,200mAh, up to 7 hours 
Size: 239 x 169 x 8mm / weight 450 g
Before entering the actual review, easily a recap of the specs. V919 is in addition to the ideal specs are 64-bit OS, the CPU of CherryTrail generation Atom x5-Z8300, RAM is 4GB, as storage is 64GB and the latest Atom machine, 9.7 inches, resolution 2,048 × 1,536 (aspect ratio of 4: 3 ), and it is "iPad clone" a high-definition and products with a special screen size as Windows should say. Since the actual sales price in this spec is such that ¥ 21,434 (current GEARBEST price January 15, 2016), it can be said that the cost performance which can not be expected in the Japanese products.
The specifications table in mind in this actual review, I think the texture of the casing, operation feeling, and want to continue to the performance test.

2. opening

ONDA V919 Air CH outside the box

The actual review is familiar every time "outer box". And also, there is no particular thing to write about this outer box also this time. Well, I do not so much China Ppoku simple.
ONDA V919 Air CH Included items

This is the contents of the box. In addition to the tablet body, AC adapter - (comes with when you select the US Plug), USB-microUSB cable, manual (English without even), warranty card, it had entered the Inspection Certificate. The AC adapter is equipped with it was lucky! In addition, the tablet comes with an LCD protection film. Since the left you can use even the quality is not good, I think that it will be the people to be worried about re-cover.
ONDA V919 Air CH initial setting

This is the was a personal welcome. Once you turn it on now to the initial setting screen.When you purchase the China tablet, it is often the default setting is been finished, somehow (yes, somehow), but I get scared, but this time it was started from the initial setting. The default is Chinese, but the first to select the English, it will be able to make the setting in English. Unfortunately, Japanese None.

3. housing

ONDA V919 Air CH housing top

In I'll try to check the housing. First, it is the upper part. V919 port class is small, we have to concentrate all the top. There is "audio jack," "microUSB," "microHDMI" little microphone vacant from the left of the image.
ONDA V919 Air CH housing bottom

There is nothing at the bottom (bottom).
ONDA V919 Air CH right side

On the right side there is a power button and volume up and down buttons to the standard position as a Windows tablet. Tatetsuke of buttons is well, you press into place. There is also a microSD slot in the center of the image, but it is covered with a cover. In the case of low-cost Windows tablet, since it is often holes in the microSD slot has become exposed, this is a good impression.
ONDA V919 Air CH left side

It is not Nan'nimo is on the left side.
ONDA V919 Air CH back

Back is champagne gold. The material is a metal (probably aluminum alloy), up and down is made of plastic.
ONDA V919 Air CH back up

Texture is not bad, it is a good or rather. There is a little gap in the seam of aluminum and plastic, but it will not be a feel especially urge like. Sufficient for the tablet of this class, no you can raise the more than enough to pass point.
Comparison with ONDA V919 Air CH Teclast

So much trouble that I tried to side-by-side with "Teclast X98 Pro" of the same "iPad clone". Texture even more of Teclast I like enough passing grade, but it is feeling "good game" seen for texture. However, by this image, but the speaker of the V919 is monaural, you will clearly know that.
ONDA V919 Air CH Teclast and comparison of 2

But it is the good game to be seen in the up?
Comparison with ONDA V919 Air CH Teclast

ONDA V919 comparison with Air CH Teclast 4

4. status of the system

ONDA V919 Air CH system information
ONDA V919 Air CH storage information

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