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#1    Healthy Belly Dual Wheels Roller Pull Rope Abdomina

URL:    http://gbe.st/XQ5LTH
Price:    $5.78

[ Main Features ]
  • With elastic rope, durable and solid 
  • Adjustable exercising intensity, you can choose suitable one 
  • It can build your muscle of arm, abdomen and leg

#2    Thickened Balance Bouncing Jumping Board Ball

URL:    http://gbe.st/MKoDbH
Price:    $7.04

[ Main Features ]

  • Made of fiber leather, durable and comfortable 
  • With anti-slip wear resistant cloth, increase the friction effect and cycling safety 
  • Mesh fabric of back, increase the ventilation property
  • Silicone anti-slip particle design, strong wear resistant effect 

#3    Dynamic Pedal Bodybuilding Expander for Belly Slimming

URL:    http://gbe.st/gTaR9H
Price:    $9.42

[ Main Features ]

  • With elastic foam handle and pedals, very comfortable 
  • High density environmentally friendly foam material made, tear resistant 
  • Thickened tensile pipe, not easy to be broken

#4    Portable Handle Type Single Tennis Trainer

URL:    http://gbe.st/wP9OoW
Price:    $11.06

[ Main Features ]

  • Plastic rubber made, not easy to be broken
  • With a rubber band linked base, easier to practice tennis 
  • Non-slip round hole design, you can put heavy stuff on it to fix the base 
  • Semicircle ball slot and rubber band slot design, convenient to store
  • With a handle, easy to carry

#5    Spring Hula Hoop for Waist / Belly Slimming

URL:    http://gbe.st/Br4eQE
Price:    $18.01

[ Main Features ]

  • Made of stainless steel spring+ PVC plastic dual-layer springs, durable to use 
  • With elastic feature, it's easy to store
  • ABS joint design, safer and more solid
  • Suitable for waist or belly slimming

#6    Seven Segments Detachable Massage Hula Hoop

URL:    http://gbe.st/2qQ8M6
Price:    $16.04

[ Main Features ]

  • Detachable design, convenient to assemble
  • Low uplift small pieces of large area, it can massage for you 
  • 7 segments wave shaped connecting design, easy to store
  • It can promote blood circulation, help conditioning the stomach and enhance immunity

#7    Push-up Bracket Thickened Foam

URL:    http://gbe.st/WFxIeG
Price:    $18.97

[ Main Features ]

  • Thickened foam handle, feeling comfortable 
  • With non-slip and sweat absorbing effect, it's helpful for exercising 
  • Suitable for exercising bust muscle, and even building perfect figure  

#8    Thickened Balance Bouncing Jumping Board Ball

URL:    http://gbe.st/9dml75
Price:    $5.05

[ Main Features ]

  • Made of PP board and rubber, very durable and elastic
  • Unique slot design, no need to worry about the ball being separated from the board
  • Strong stability, safer to use 
  • Suitable for children and adults balance ability exercising

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