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Unic UC50 DLP Projector

price: $110.99

Design and Ports:

The new Unic UC50 mini projector is made of coated plastic body which gives it a sturdy and classical look. It’s a perfect rectangular shaped projector of dimensions71mm*78mm*24.5mm and as previously said a weight equal to your cellphone, 130 g. This means that like the previous old projectors, it’s neither bulky nor large. You will have the projector always with you in your pocket or purse.

At the left side of the projector, two power ports and a focus button are available. One is a common mobile power supply port (5V and 2A) and other is the mobile phone charger power supply port (5V and 2A). On the right side, a USB port, a TF card expansion slot are located. On the back 1x AV port, 1x HDMI port, 1x CVBS 3in1 input modulatorand 1x 3.5 mm earphone port is situated. The most interesting aspect is on the front.
aa4 (2)
It’s a lens cover basically a slide connected with an automatic wake and standby system(power system). When you close the slide and it covers the lens, the projector automatically goes to sleep and you uncover the lens, the projector turns on. The slide can be effortlessly moved to right and left sides without any loosening or jamming over million times of sliding.


The Unic UC50 projector can be connected in four different ways. First, is through HDMIcable for Pc and TV. Second, is through a USB cable mainly for memory sticks, game-pads etc. Third, through a TF card. Fourth and the last is through an AV cable. It must be noted that it’s play and plug.
Sources of Connection


Yes, you heard it right. This projector has a 3.7V, 1500mAh Li-ion battery. Unlike other projectors which are only dependent on AC supply, but this projector has a built-in battery which can last up to 1.5 hours of continuous use. Meanwhile on AC supply, it takes a power consumption of 10W. You can charge it through an ordinary mobile charger (mini usb charger).
Built-in Li-ion Battery


Moving forward on the display, the U50 has some extraordinary features to provide. First of all, the image generating unit is a DLP unit and the lamp used is the LED one called RGB LED.
aa2 (2)
The size of the image produce can vary from 14-150 inches without being distorted or becoming blur.The picture ratio is 16:9 making it suitable for wider and broader pictures. The best thing is that the short focus lens enables the shortest projection distance to be only35.5 mm.
Shortest focus distance
All these features are present in many projectors but the question is that can all these features exist in a projector of that size (of the palm)?


Another good thing about Unix UC50 projector is that Unic Multimedia System is pre-installed in it which supports 720p and 1080p video decoding. It can play more than 8 video formats (MP4, MPEG, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MOV, VOB, 3GP etc), 3 sound formats (WMA, MP3, M4A), 3 picture formats (bmp, jpeg, png) and also it can read 1 text format (.txt). In, short the system it offers is highly stable, easy to use and simple. Apart from this, the system supports about 20 different languages.

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