[ Review ]MecArmy SGN3 Keychain Light Review -- Nice little light for your keychain, 160 lumens, White - UV - red light, USB rechargeable

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[ Main Features ]

  • Unique USB shaped keychain mini light for you to take on the go
  • Recharges in any USB output devices such as PCs or USB adapters 
  • Utilizes CREE XP-G2 LED with 160Lm strong output
  • Three output modes: White light - UV - red light
  • Small but powerful, designed for everyday carry
  • Black, brown, grey and green four colors available


[This review is from Rourke/1776patriotusa.com] 
There are plenty of keychain lights out there and I have had several. Generally they throw out a low-level of illumination which is fine for seeing a key when opening a door. Battery life has been an issue in my experience as they have not last but a few months. This is where the MecArmy separates itself from the pack and makes this review so easy – 160 lumens. That’s right–the MecArmy throws out 160 lumens. This is unheard of in such a small light especially one that easily fits on my keychain.

The light pattern is flood covering a very large area. Pictures will follow that show how this tiny keychain light will light up a huge area in front of my house. Pictures really just don’t do it just. I would love to see this thing with a weapons mount to make a very small but bright light on one of my AR’s.

The MecArmy SGN3 G2 is rechargeable. No more throwing it away when the battery dies and having to buy another light. Simply plug it in every week or so and it will be there when needed.

There are several light modes which I suppose can be useful. I am one that likes a flashlight to turn ON – and OFF. That’s it. No multiple levels of brightness and strobe options. I want OFF and BURN THE HOUSE DOWN. Maybe I’m exaggerating a I think you get what I mean. Well – the MecArmy has numerous levels of brightness as well as different colors and even a red flashing mode that someone might like. It is pretty cool and I suppose the red light would be good for reading at night.

Here are a few specifications:
  • Charges from dead to fully charged in 90 minutes
  • Charges from any USB port using a common mini-USB charging cable
  • Contains 3 LED’s including a CREE XP-G2 as the main
  • Main LED is bright white/UV while the low power secondary LED’s are red and white(looks bluish to me)
  • Body and reflective cone are aluminum
Below are several pictures I took with accompanying descriptions. This is not a long-winded review. This thing is solid and works.

Brief summary follows the pictures:

Above: The MecArmy SGN3 G2 is about the size of a standard USB thumb drive.

Below: Simple push button operation turns on the main LED and offers two levels of brightness with multiple presses.

Above: The mini-USB charging port is protected from dust and grime with a tight-fitting rubber cover that inserts into the cavity. It is permanently attached to the light so it does not get lost.

Below: With the rubber cover removed the port can be accessed using any common mini-USB charging cable. Super easy to charge while driving or sitting on a counter.

Above: The MecArmy is extremely bright with the main LED turned on.

Below: The low power bluish light offers what a typical keychain light does – enough light to find a key and open a door.

Above: The red light works well for map reading and reducing the loss of night vision when navigating at night and not wanting to use the main LED.

Above: Outside my house at night. Only illumination is from a street light quite a ways away. To the human eye area is too dark to walk.

Below: The MecArmy flooding the area with 160 lumens of light. Impressive.

It should be obvious I like the flashlight. At around $45.00 with Free Shipping it is certainly more expensive than your typical keychain light. Here is the difference: With the MecArmy if your normal flashlight is not available you have a very suitable flashlight with you as long as you have your keys. In fact – the MecArmy may be brighter than many of the flashlights people out there have in their get home bags and survival kits.

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