[FATHER'S GIFTS] DIAODELAI LK6000 13 Ball Bearings Spinning Reel

URL:      http://gbe.st/3Ubypf
 PRICE:  $18.79

Fishing season coming on the way, have you prepped your gear? How about getting one for your father as a Father's day gift, of course on the basic of he loves fishing. Thinking of the image that a father takes his kids, enjoying themselves, teaching them how to fish , and how to be a great man. I believe you have that memory. 

[Main Features]

  • Ultra-thin streamline designed body, very beautiful and lightweight
  • With 13 ball bearings, more durable and easy to use
  • With foldable exchangeable handle, suitable for everyone
  • Mini pocket size, very portable and convenient to carry
  • With crashworthy metallic cap, protect it from damage
  • Not easy to scribble line, long casting spool
  • Enjoy fishing anytime

[Product Details]

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