[FISHING BAITS] 20 PCS Lure Hard Plastic Bait — COUPON: BaitYY

URL:        http://gbe.st/G6Xe2d
PRICE:     $11.89
End in  31th July

There goes a saying in China that Going fish take the baits, but it's  not applicable to real fishing, I guess. If you want to obtain something, you must pay, so as fishing. The colorful baits could help you to temp and lure the kind of fish you want. 

[Main Features]

  • Durable ABS body, exquisite coating, and sharp metal hooks set the hard baits high quality.
  • There are steel balls in the body, it can flow to the tail during casting time, help you cast  further and ensure the swimming stroke of every bait.
  • Bright colors are able to reflect light from the whole angle to tempt the fish.
  • Lure minnow and pencil modes, portable and environmental.

[More Descriptions]

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