[FLASH SALE] AOSDER Q6 Bluetooth Hoverboard 4400mAh Polymer Battery --- Only $237.99

URL:    http://goo.gl/MWK117   
PRICE:    $237.99
Check more    http://goo.gl/HjYNpt

[Main Features]
  •  Polymer battery, 4400mAh capacity
  •  Bluetooth type, wonderful voice remind when turned on
  •  Remote controller, with lock, unlock, alarm and mode switch buttons
  •  The remote controller will be worked unless the hoverboard is turned on
  •  Large 8 inches solid tires, no need to inflate
  •  2 x 450W motors, 15-30 degrees gradeability (depends on your weight)
  •  Easy to learn, easy to operate
  •  Great vehicle for office workers and nice entertainment tool for teenagers

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Bluetooth Hoverboards are a great way to isolate yourself from the world and enjoy peaceful time with your music turned on.