[NEW Arrival] Manker E14 Nichia 219B / CREE XP-G2 Mini LED Flashlight

The Manker E14 flashlight measures just 80mm length and is therefore perfect for use as an everyday carry light. Utilizing CREE XP-G2 (6500K) LED or Nichia 219B (5000K) LED, this miniature LED flashlight offers a maximum output of up to 1600Lm (CREE XP-G2) or 1400Lm (Nicha 219B). The 2 groups well-spaced visually-linear output modes and the user toggleable mode groups and mode memory function, all these allow E14 to be used in a variety of situations. In addition, the special copper ring on the head of the flashlight makes it feature both power and beauty.

--Manker E14 NICHIA 219B 5000K(http://goo.gl/x8FSaU)  
 Coupon: ME14GB   Price: $42.99   
--Manker E14 CREE XP-G2 6500K(http://goo.gl/4lsVS0) 
 Coupon: ManE14G  Price: $37.89   

[Main Features]

● Small functional flashlight with detachable two-way clip, fits in your pocket
● Utilizes CREE XP-G2 (6500K) LED or Nichia 219B (5000K) LED, max 1600Lm (CREE) output
● Circuit Driver: A17DD-L FET+1 Driver (BLF A6)
● 2 groups output modes, user toggleable mode memory and mode groups for enthusiasts
● IPX8 waterproof standard: Protects the light from strong water drop and heavy rain, submersed up to 2m
● TIR lens enables you to have more control over light
● Aircraft aluminum alloy housing with special copper ring, which is design as efficient cooling slots
● Compatible with 1 x 18350 / 16340 / CR123A / RCR123 battery (not included)

● Multiple outputs, well-spaced visually-linear output modes 
Group 1: Moon - low - mid1 - mid2 - high1 - high2 - turbo (short press for less than 0.5s):
Group 2: Low - mid - high - turbo (short press for less than 0.5s) + moon - turbo - strobe - battery check - bike flasher (medium press for 0.5 - 1.5s)
● Special edition with a regulated lower power second channel for stable and efficient low modes
● True moon mode and battery check mode, includes some hidden modes for those who want them
● User toggleable mode memory and mode groups 
● Click to switch from both forward and backward mode navigation in a single tap (short / medium press)
● With mode memory off, the user can access 4 different modes (including the highest and lowest) within 1s
● The firmware and the driver designs are available for anyone who wants to modify them
● Fast PWM so the pulsing won't be visible

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