[SUMMER LOOK]Transparent Candy Color Women Lace-Up Rain Boots

PRICE: $26.32

Wear the candy boots,get sweet summer new look.

In those successive rainy days, are you willing to get rid of terrible mood? Well, candy colors can assist you to a large extent. Do you want to be the darling of a rainy day? If so, join us.The best gift for your daughter, girl friends and wives.

[Main Features]

  • Design Features The latest trends, perfect transparent candy colors. Classical boots style will demonstrate your unique taste
  • Special Materials The shoes with groove design, you can wear comfortable with anti-skid function. In addition, the shoes is formed completely in order to avoid leak and unglued (PVC)
  • Color Design Transparent-Pink and transparent-Green candy colors. Here, pink represents the youth, gorgeous, love and so on. The integration of the warm red and bright orange, showing that you are a very special girl. Green symbolizes vitality, harmony, originality and peace. Choosing it, you may a positive and energetic person

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