[ NEW ARRIVAL ] Hiwheel Q3 6.5 Inch 2 Wheels Self Balancing Scooter

URL:    goo.gl/cwVyvK

PRICE:   $216.99


-Original imported Samsung 36V 4400mAh battery, greater security
-Specialized German high-tech 2 x 350W motor, with dynamical system and stable internal construction, the hoverboard gives you windless rideability
-With aluminum alloy hub and high-quality rubber wheels, ensuring the weight capacity around 100kg
-Specified automobile waterproof paint, artistic and slap-up, it won't influence your use even on rainy days 
-Cool LED light makes it safer to drive in low visibility conditions
-Portable, compact structure design, it weights only 10.3kg

How to calibrate your hoverboard:
1. Before calibrating the hoverboard, please be sure you will follow the steps below carefully
2. Make sure the balance scooter is powered off
3. Put the scooter on a flat and smooth ground, ensuring both pedals are flat and parallel to the ground (This is very important)
4. Press and hold the power button until indicators on both sides are started to flash
5. After indicators flash for 8 times, turn off the scooter
6. Turn on the scooter after several seconds, then you can ride it
7. If the scooter does not reset, please try the above steps again after 10 minutes

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Its a pretty nice blog and very well maintained. I always looking for these kind of posts and its very informative. Really appreciated. Keep updating posts.
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Its really amazing.Thanks for sharing such nice post. Anyone wants to buy Self balancing scooter : Wheel Self Balancing Scooter