[ New Arrival ] We Know You Need A Plus Size Sleeping Bag!

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"Yeah it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two..."

Remember that someone told me, "they're good enough to warm us up in low degree environment, well what embarrassed me was that I was just stuck at the inlet, it was not easy to get in or get out...','such a sleeping bag for adults as put in your website could only be used by a petite girl or my 10-year-old son." Didn't realize it before that most of the sleeping bags selling in GearBest or other cross-border stores are only 85cm wide which are kinda small for western male grown-ups.

"We can do that, plus size sleeping bags. It comes the winter, it's the season." Said by Mangrove rep when we met weeks ago. Later according to some research, asking some giants living in North America and Western Europe, "widen it to 100cm should beat it all", we got the general findings. After giving the numbers to Mangrove, we were looking forward to it.

Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting, I got the first GearBest X Mangrove custom sleeping bag. First touch surprised me, it's not flimsy but firm light fabric. Then I believed what the Mangrove told me at the first time we met, "we do OEM for those big brands such as Decathlon." And then I knead it to check if the filler is thick enough, it didn't let me down, indeed a sleeping bag suitable for being used in 5-15 degree. The quantity production for GearBest X Mangrove custom sleeping bag was started at once.

So now we just received the first batch, 100 pcs in China warehouse already. As we all known, "WINTER IS COMING."

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With coupon [ OUT15OFF ] = $43.42

With coupon [ OUT15OFF ] = $40.25

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