【11.11 GearBest’s Shopping Guide】The best-selling Electronic cigarette products of 2016

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If you're seeking electronic cigarette shopping advice, GearBest’s Annual Sales Reports are your best resource. Our Annual Sales Reports will give you honest buying advice that you can trust. Use our information to discover which products are most worthy to purchase. 

Thank you for your long-term support, we are pleased to introduce the best selling products of 2016 to you!

PS: Keep your eyes open for the special deal we are preparing for you that will be revealed at the bottom of the guide :)


As you can see in the ranking statistics, WISMEC is undoubtedly the most popular mod brand. 

The RX200S was released in May 2016 and achieved first place while the RX200 which was issued 8 months previously in November 2015 managed to reach second place. 

WISMEC appears to be the most popular choice with Eleaf brand mods coming in a strong second. 


The top ranked OBS Crius RTA was released in 2015 and due to superb quality, OBS tanks have acquired a lot of fans. 

However, the ranking of Wotofo’s Serpent Mini RTA rose very quickly as it reached the number two spot within six months of it’s release to market. 

It should be pointed out that although the SMOK TFV4 RTA was released in July 2015 it is still a contender and a solid choice.

Wondering what the special deal is that we have in store for you ? 

I will now reveal the surprises:

For only $60.99 USD (Page price: $79.65 USD Save : $18.69 USD )

Smaller and more compact version of the original Hcigar VT75

Equipped with the DNA75W chip

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For only $39.99 USD (Page price : $52.64  Save : $12.61)

An updated version of Reuleaux series 

The high power output of 150W or 200W is available for your preference

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For only $19.99 (Page Price: $28.89  Save : $8.9 )

More convenient for Usage & Portability 

75W maximum output & switchable modes

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For only $16.99 (Original $35.00)

Short and only 22mm

Both single-coil and dual-coil decks

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PS: All the above are only available from Nov.10 to Nov.15

Don't forget to set your alarm clock early on that day!!! 

Hope you enjoy your GearBest shopping experience!! 

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