Tablets Clearance--Find your Cyber Monday DEALS

Do you buy anything last Black Friday? If you miss the Double 11, do not worry,you can buy the tablets for a very cheap price at a clearance sale. Here are the brand of Cube, Teclast, Onda,Chuwi,Voyo, Gpd, Xiaomi, Vido, Jumper and Pipo. So many tablet there waiting for your hand !

The deals rate could be the following classification.

35% OFF

The biggest deal in this section is the Onda V919 3G s Phablet, its price could low down to $11.11 !!!   after you put in this coupon:  v9193gs1111 The amount is just 5 for it, so place the order in time, the coupon will alive at 19:00 today. Link: Onda V919 3G s Phable
Besides,you can get the Taclast X2 Pro and HUAWEI Honor X2 GEM-703L 4G Unlocked Phablet,and Great Wall L803 4G Phablet are also sell at a very low price as you can see in the below. 

30% OFF

The Teclast X98 is Deal ended now, but there do some deals  tablets left,  good news is that you still can get the deals now. 

25% OFF

20% OFF

The promotion deal may ended soon, you may cann't wait until Monday, so add them to your Shopping Cart now and we will ship it to you soon! Tablets Cleanrance

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