Only $28.99 for Vidonn X6 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch Bracelet


X6 which features advanced design and technology skills, provides more better help and enjoyment for your daily activities and sports to create a more healthier life for you.
X6 - Thinner, more delicate, more powerful!
        Easy and simple using experiencing.
        Seamless integrated design, more technology experiencing.
        Real next-to-skin wearing without down weight feeling.
        Ultra-standby time, low battery alerting.
        Easy Touch-Key operation, water resistance IP65.

Integrated design, splashes water resistance
Seamless design in whole by ultrasonic technology joint melting for enhanced water resistance.

Sharing and compete with family and friends
Add and keep a watchful eye on your family and friends, never being alone. Compete with each other to hit the sports target!

Personal Data 
Clear and clarity: Data Chart of Day, Month and Year clear at a glance.

Never miss your call and message
Incoming call show, Message notification display, check Caller ID, SMS, Twitter, Skype etc. just by simple hand raising.

Sports monitoring
More accurate motion algorithm, collect and store a datum per 2 minutes, up to 7 days data collection, offering a much more accurate and professional data analyzing.
Recording your sports distance, calories burned, to hit your daily exercise target.

Smart sleep monitoring / Silent alarm clock
Pre-set sleep time frame, to monitor with smart algorithm to judge whether user is falling asleep, to judge and analyze user’s actual falling asleep time.
Smart sleep monitoring, detect deep sleep, light sleep, being conscious and active to analyze sleep data better. Plus silent alarm clock to wake you up for a new day.

Long-sitting alert
with pre-set time frame, user will be reminded when be sitting for too long to go exercise.

Business conference
Be punctual and on schedule, arrange your business in perfect order.

Ultra-standby time
Standby time 15 days, device and APP will both alert user when battery capacity is below 10%. Brand-new ultra-low power consumption sensor saves battery power 3 – 5 times than that of ordinary senor.

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