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[ About ALOCS ]

Do you remember the scenes that are familiar and expecting? Pitch tents and prepare for dinner, the smoke arises and and people are sitting around the campfire, talking and laughing, singing and dancing, enjoying their camping time. Yes, that's why we are fans of outdoor life. Like the unchangeable aim of ALOCS, "Dreams make a difference", we have dreams in our life and let them come true in the travel.

As one of the top high-end outdoor brands in China, ALOCS company commit themself to the best products and service for outdoor enthusiasts. They applied and applied the most advanced creation to the products and service for their customers. Products of ALOCS passed through authentication of ISO9001 quality systems and approved by CE, Rosh, FDA and LFGB. ALOCS company work on 5 lines: cooker, burner, dishes, campfire and flashlight, providing products and service for self-hiking tour, self-driving travel and recreation trip. The new series of Ti meet the present demand of outdoor enthusiasts. ALOCS has already successfully been the leading brand of outdoor industry.

1. Alocs High Quality Spirit Burner Alcohol Stove

Price: $13.99
Coupon: AHQSCM

[ Main Features ]

  • Adjustable flame regulator.
  • Holes designed on the stand, helpful to air ventilation.
  • With sealed cap and fire extinguish lid. And the fire extinguish lid can also be used to adjust its fire power.
  • The simmer ring allows the burner to adjust from full to simmer and extinguishes the flame when closed completely.
  • The twist on cap with o-ring seals the burner so you don't have to empty unused fuel between uses and prevents evaporation - less fuel wasted means less fuel you have to carry.
  • Foldable handle on the fire extinguish lid, easy to pack and use.
  • Ideal as part of your cooking kit for camping!

2. ALOCS CW-K02 Outdoor Backpack Camping Kettle Teapot Ultralight 0.8L

Price: $9.9
Coupon: CWGB

Why reject heavy metal and choose ALOCS cookwares?

The reason is most important and obvious. Food safety is one of livelihood issues that everyone concerns. As a professional outdoor cookware supplier, ALOCS has a responsibility and a duty to pay much attention to food safety. So all our cookwares are free from heavy metal and have passed through a series of interantional authentications, USA FDA and Germany LFGB certifications.

The CW-K02 model is made of food-grade hard-anodized aluminum material which features higher anti-scratch rigidity and higher stability than ordinary alumina, heating fast and super lightweight.

During a long and remote trip, the company of CW-K02 kettle makes it possible to have a warm water, tea and coffee which drives away your dreariness, fears and discomfort and relieves stress and anxiety. Get the CW-K02 kettle, start an unforgetable and warm trip!

[ Main Features ]

  • Special haul loop, easy to use
  • Foldable hanle, convenient to use
  • Short spout, easy to pack
  • 180 degree scald-proof handle with silicone housing
  • Ultra lightweight: 100g

3. ALOCS CS-G11 Split Wing Ultralight Folding Stove Gas Furnace Burner

Price: $49.29
Coupon: CSGB

[ Main Features ]
  • Ultra lightweight (only 180g), compact body, easy to carry
  • Folding tripod stand for stable support and convenient pack
  • Big stove disc with big powerfire (2800W / 8200BTU) performs direct-injection flame, heating faster and more evenly
  • Special double silicone sealed leak-proof design for reliable safe usage
  • Fueled by isobutane gas mixture
  • Passed through interantional authentications, US FDA and Germany LFGB certifications
  • Comes with a pouch and a spark rod

4. ALOCS CS-B05 Lightweight 7075-Aluminum Foldable Camping Stove with Windshield

Price: $7.99
Coupon: B05GB

[ Main Features ]
  • Unique season pattern of Chinese Style, artistic and simple
  • Imported ultra lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy with high strength anodic oxidation surface treatment
  • Nice durability with excellent heat resistance function
  • An essential for outdoor camping and picnic

5. ALOCS CS-G04 Split Hurricane Ultralight Folding Stove Gas Furnace Burner

Price: $28.99
Coupon: ACSGB

[ Main Features ]
  • High strength aluminum alloy and SS material.
  • Rotary flame design for more concentrated fire.
  • Multi-directional folding stand, low center of gravity for stong stability.
  • Can be matched with various pots of different sizes.

6. ALOCS CS-G05 Split Phenix Ultra Mini Folding Stove Gas Furnace Burner

Price: $18
Coupon: G05GB

[ Main Features ]
  • High strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
  • Multi-direction thickened folding stand design.
  • Convolution flame design, concentrated firepower and sufficient combustion.
  • Collapsible frame, suitable for various pots.
  • Boiling 1L water just needs about 4 mins and 14g gas.

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