Review: MJX X800 2.4G Remote Control Hexacopter

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Price: $29.99

MJX well known very for their helicopter came recently into multi-copter market with the "X" series. Here, the X800 is a mini-hexacopter. I tested the non-camera version but at least 2 derivations will be also availble: a pure camera model and a WiFi based one.



You need a relatively long unscrewing session to access to interior part. Props are strongly installed on their respective shaft. It's very hard to remove them and the provided wrench tool can damage them. Prop guards are hard to unclip. I spent more than 30 mins to remove the 6 prop guards

Motors are connected via 1.25 microJST connectors. A good point for motor's maintenance. The RF chip is a XN297 and the MCU a STM32 ARM core (classic architecture since 6 months)

As for the transmitter, four shoulder buttons are present but in practice with this model only the two lower ones are active. The right one permits to turn on/off the lights. The left one activates a flips in the direction given by the right stick command. The central switch is used to turn on the X800 and to select one of the 3 speed modes. IMHO, it's not a good idea to share the power switch and the speed selection because it's potentially dangerous by turning off the radio accidentally. The beginner mode offers very slow rates (yaw, pitch & tilt) so ideal to learn how to fly a hexacopter. The yaw is so slow, you will need a nominal space to perform a full turn. The intermediate is much more sporty and the top speed is very good thanks to aeodynamic profile and the 6 motors. 

Unboxing and flying test


To make short, I liked it a lot !!! It's probably the most faster in the X's series. It's fast from the intermediate mode, flips are tight, LEDs ideal for night flying and the radio range is good also. The X800 is also handling wind conditions very well.... The flying duration is also good around 7mins. The X800 is my favorite between the X600 and the X900.


If you are looking for a micro-hexacopter, go for this X800: durable, stable, nice quality build, sporty good control range, and wind resistant... a lot qualities. In beginner mode, prop guards installed , gyro mode on, the X800 is perfect for beginners.I regret only mainly the automatic flips choice in expert mode even if this latter have the same rates than the indermediate one, so prefet this intermedaite with manual flips IMHO.


+ Beautiful hexacopter
+ Wind resistant
+ Powerful
+ Good radio range (> 100m)
+ General quality
+ Sporty from intermediate mode
+ Bright LEDs
+ Power switch
+ Good flying duration (7mins)
+ Headless mode
+ Prop guard
+ LVC LEDs alarm (around 7mm of flight)
+ Gravity mode for beginners


- Hard prop guard and props removal
- Power switch and speed mode selection shared
- YAP (Yet Another Protocol potentially Deviatizable)

{Thanks to SeByDocky]

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