WLToys K999 1/28 SCT Review

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    Here you can see where you power up the 2-in-1 via the balance plug of the supplied 2s       400mAh Lipo.
    Plastic spur and pinion, but no slipper clutch.
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Unboxing 10/10:

WLToys has don a fantastic job boxing up the K999 SCT, I cannot fault a single thing. Everything was firmly secured, the packaging was finished nicely, even the tiny little body was covered in a protective film. For some more pics on the unboxing experience head over to Everear1984's thread: WLTOYS K999 review
Running 8/10:

What an awesome little car to drive! It's very fast, apparently hitting speeds up to 30km/h, It handles surprisingly well on smooth surfaces. Run time is stated at 30 minutes, however driving FPV around the tables and chairs in an empty takeaway shop, my brother and I were racing around for over an hour on a single charge.

I had to knock a couple of points off because of the ride height though, it is super low for an SCT and there is no way to adjust it higher. Even small bumps and lips catch on the excessively low chassis. 
Build Quality 9/10:

This little fella has totally obliterated my expectations, in a good way. It boasts sealed differentials, micro CVDs, adjustable wheelbase, adjustable body posts and even the 2-in-1 is screwed to the upper deck (no double sided tape anywhere). I suspect the metal chassis will prove to be just about indestructible.
Transmitter 6/10:

The included 2ch transmitter looks like a Spektrum knock-off and is super ergonomic, but it has no bells or whistles. The only features are digital steering trim and throttle trim, which is a pitty because I think this car would really shine with expo or at least dual rates on the steering. The throttle is very nice though and easy to manage. As an RTR remote, I have definitively seen worse.
Battery and Charger 8/10:

The included 400mAh 2s Lipo is a fantastic feature which is rarely seen even in expensive micro RC cars. Run time is phenomenal! The included charger however is nothing to write home about, pretty standard fare.
Motor 8/10:

This motor is a monster for a car of this size. The LOSI 1/24 brushed motors are about half the size. I have been driving FPV with a 1300mah 2s (weighs almost as much as the car itself) double sided taped to the body, and the motor still dosen't get hot (and still has plenty of power )!
Servo 7/10:

Meh, it does the job, but it seems to be one of those odd ball sized servos, finding a replacement may prove tricky
Shock Absorbers 6/10:

They seem to handle well, but I often think about how much better it may handle with some real oil filed damping action. They come with 2 pre-installed pre-load clips on each shock.
Wheels and Tires 6/10:

The wheel and tyre combo is a bit too small for this vehicle in my opinion. They even look awkwardly small sitting under the body. They do handle well though, but like the shocks I often think about how much better it may handle with some wider and taller wheels.
Value 10/10:

As I previously mentioned for under $50 at GearBest.com, you simply can't go wrong. Fun for all ages, and a perfect stocking filler to boot.
*BONUS Points* Micro FPV FUN +15 Points:

Words cannot express just how much fun the K999 is with some FPV gear strapped to it! Buy a K999 and do it, you won't regret it 
*Points Reduction* Spare Part Availability -10 Points:

Judging by the user manual there are apparently spare parts, but I can't find any online (can anyone point me in the right direction?). I will leave the points reduction here until I can find a reliable source for parts.
Overall Rating 81/100:

Honestly I didn't expect much when I pulled the trigger on my K999, but I am completely blown away at just about every aspect of this tiny SCT. 

[Thanks to  valiantGLX]

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