[Flash Sale] Drop $30? $89.89 = Win 10 + Android 5.0 Dual OS Tablet? Hit Bottom Price Sale!!!!

Flash Sale is coming again. 2 Best selling Tablets. You'll not want to miss the discount again.

Date: 18:00  GMT +8  (AUG.26- AUG.28)

Products: Teclast X98 AirChuwi Hi8, both install Win 10.


Regular Price: $199.89
Flash sale price: $169.89
Highlight: Android 4.4 + Win10 system, support 3G online call/module, 2GB + 64GB8000mAh battery

Regular Price: $92.89
Flash sale price: $89.69
Highlight: Equip with Android 4.4 + Win10 system and support Android 5.0 upgrade, just tell us when you place an order, 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, support 3D games.

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