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I almost had to pinch my self when unboxing this beast. All of this for $100 is unheard of!!!!



Front and rear PTO.... Add a propeller to the back and you'll have a boat! Or rig a snow ripper to the front one for example

Massive amount of chassis flex. It would have been nice if they used a more rigid plastic for the chassis rails.
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Unboxing 10/10:
HG has don a fantastic job boxing up the HG P601, I cannot fault a single thing. Everything was firmly secured, the packaging was finished nicely, even the massive body was covered in a protective film. A little bag of spare parts and tools made a fantastic addition to the RTR package as a whole

Running 6/10:
Run time is around 10mins, and it's actually pretty capable of getting over obstacles, however the shock absorbers really let it down. Also the included Iipo doesn't provide much oomph for long, the voltage begins to sag after only a few seconds of full throttle. I haven't tempted fate and ran it in water yet, but if it proves to be water resistant I'd give it a 7 out of 10 for right out of the box running. Sounds bad, but with a new set of shocks, and a higher capacity, higher C rated Lipo will have the P601 running like a charm.

Build Quality 6/10:

The chassis is made of a really flexible plastic compound, the chassis seems to twist more than the appalling shock absorbers work. Also when the steering is fully locked the chassis twists quite a bit too, I think this reduces the effectiveness of the steering. There are bushes rather than bearings in the axle hubs, I have yet to crack open a diff but I bet there are bushings in there too. Also the rear wheels hit the rear bumper even over small obstacles. While the plastic compound is rather flexible the design of the chassis and suspension system is actually phenomenal, with the metal upgrade chassis rails I think this rig will really shine.

Transmitter 6/10:

I think it is a 3ch transmitter, with the 3rd channel for shifting the gears from high to low ratio or visa versa (with optional gear shifter kit). It has a steering trim and channel reversing, but there is where the features end. I find it quite awkward to hold as as well, but I have quite large hands. 

Battery and Charger 6/10:

The battery works, and provides a 10min run time, however it suffers greatly from voltage sag under load. The included charger however is nothing to write home about, pretty standard fare. The combination is what you'd expect from an RTR package.

Motor 7/10:

Seems to be adequate enough for a crawler, on the high gear ratio it is quite quick more or less hitting the 20km/h advertised top speed. It does get a little warm though, keep an eye on it!

Servo 6/10:

OK, it does the job, but definitively needs to be upgraded for serious crawling

Shock Absorbers 1/10:

These would have to be the worst shock absorbers I have ever seen equipped to an RC vehicle. They are way too over damped, when you press the vehicle down it takes like 15 seconds for them to reset. Furthermore they are filled with a thick grease, and they don't seal tight enough to use proper silicone shock oil. Best course of action would be to just throw them out, and buy some real shocks to replace them.

Wheels and Tires 9/10:

True beadlock rims, 12mm hexes, foam tyre inserts, nice rubber compound and a stout tread pattern!

Value 10/10:

Yeah she needs a bit of work to be a serious contender, but as I previously mentioned for $100 at GearBest, you simply can't go wrong with the HG P601. At $100 RTR it is cheaper than my micro 1/24 crawlers, which needed work too!

*BONUS Points* Scale Appeal +15 Points:

Looking very much like a Mercedes G63 AMG or the Dubsta 6x6 off of GTA V the HG P601 has a lot of curb appeal. Also with the included LED mounts this rig is begging for a scale light kit.

Overall Rating 82/100:

With it's scale appeal, and upgrade potential you simply can't pass up the HG P601 6x6. Whether you want to make the mother of all mudders, a sand strangling dune basher or a blinged up DUB truck the P601 has you covered. There is not many other crawlers that even come close P601 for bang per buck value. Fun for everyone, looks great on the mantle piece, and is sure to turn heads where ever you go.

[Thanks to  valiantGLX]

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