Only $52.59 to Get No.1 Sun S2 Bluetooth 3.0 Smart Watch IP67 Heart Rate

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the watch.  
No.1 Sun S2 smart watch is equipped with a lot of functions, such as Bluetooth dialing, notices reminding, music playing, sports tracking, heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth remote camera and so on. Wearing it, try to enjoy your smart life!

Main Features:
• Circular dial - Circular screen and contoured bezel, fashion and unique. 
• Replaceable band - The watch band can be removed from the body, so you can replace the watch band, just make your choice.
• Heart rate / sports monitoring - Monitor your heart rate / sports, help you develop good habits.
• IP67 water resistance - Protect No.1 Sun S2 smart watch from water and dust.
• Bluetooth dialing - Control your smart phone to make / receive calls via Bluetooth.
• Calls / SMS reminder - When a call / message comes, No.1 Sun S2 smart watch will remind you.
• Information pushing - The information of Twitter / Facebook / Skype / Whatsapp will be pushed onto the watch. (Only suitable for Android phones)
• Bluetooth remote camera and 1.3MP camera - No.1 Sun S2 smart watch can control your smart phone to take photos. Also, you can take pictures directly with its 1.3MP camera.
• Music / video playing - The smart watch can play music / video that saved in your smart phone.

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