0.06W x 225 LED Plant Grow Light Red + Blue Light Spotlight for Garden / Greenhouse

Url:    http://www.gearbest.com/outdoor-lights/pp_212951.html

Price:    $32.64

Do you want to save energy and increase efficiency of your greenhouse? This LED plant growing light adopts advanced design to emit spectrum of light needed, enabling your plants to grow longer and quicker. They are now widely applied in indoor gardens, greenhouses, horticulture and suitable for most of plants.

[ Main Features ]
● LED wavelength: Red, 620-630nm, blue: 460-470nm
● Low consumption: Consumes less power, lower heat so that you may increase yields of planting as possible as you can
● Come with proper spectrum of light, plants could grow healthier and faster than before
● Covers about 0.5 - 1 square meters of growing area
● Recommended light height: 0.3 - 1 meter

Both EU and US plug adapter are available.

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