5M 300-SMD 3528 LED 72W Highlight RGB Strip Lamp

Url: http://www.gearbest.com/led-strips/pp_1639.html
Price: $10.40

[ Wide Rage of Application ]
  • Widely for home decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, car industry.
  • Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting.
  • Extensively applied in Backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting.
  • Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign.
  • Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition.
  • Applicable for automobile and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting.
  • Soft texture, can be bent, can be arbitrarily fixed in the uneven  places.
  • Easy installation, behind the strip, are free to paste.
  • Each group of three lights to form a loop, low current, low power, energy and beautiful.
  • Three LED can cut an incision.
  • Mainly used for car decoration, home decoration, lighting, signs, advertising signs, wine, jewelry cabinets, entertainment and other decorative lighting. 
[ Customers' Comments ]
  • Lyle Larkin:"These are fantastic for special lighting effects on my RV."
  • Nikmil:"These LED strips are perfect. I bought 7 of them and all worked. My room now look the future generation :D Remote controller is great. Perfect led strips at very very low price. "
  • Shreece:"Cool light, work in snow and rain."
  • Ragavkrish:"Perfetti."
  • Energo:"Cool working lites, nice designs."

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