$90 Chuwi Hi8 dual-boot tablet tested Real Shooting

$90 Chuwi Hi8 dual-boot tablet tested


Review: Does Bay Trail render SoFIA tablets pointless?
A couple of years ago, former Intel CEO Paul Otellini made a bold promise, saying that we would see Intel-based tablets at an incredibly low price point. 
While it sounded like a big deal at the time, the tablet market commoditised in no time and we eventually got loads of sub-$100 Intel tablets, running Android or Windows. Most of them featured entry level specs, low resolution screens, as little RAM and storage as possible.
retail box 2
However, Chinese white-box outfits are now managing to stick quite a punch into sub-$100 tablets, and the Chuwi Hi8 might be the best example of a well specced bargain bin tablet out there.
rear view
You get a hi-res 8-inch screen, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, along with a snappy Bay Trail processor for about $92, shipped directly from China.
sideview right
It certainly sounds intriguing, and the fact that you also get Windows and Android out of the box makes this weird device even more interesting. It also makes us wonder: What exactly is the point of SoFIA-based tablets?

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