【Big Deal】$29.99 for W02 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Projector OBD II

Coupon Code: W02HUD

Coupon Price: $29.99

Product's link: http://goo.gl/l2vKEx   

Car Gear: http://goo.gl/z9E4ss  

August Promotion: http://goo.gl/SPTqTc

Main Features: 
1. Plug and play, HUD can auto adapt to vehicle type which in line with OBDII or EUOBD (On-Board Diagnostic System). 
2. Comprehensive display, HUD can display many parameters at the same time as follows, vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature, voltage, throttle valve position, ignition advance angle, time of 100 kilometers acceleration, fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, engine failure.
3. Diversiform display mode, driver can choose normal display mode, high-speed display mode and automatic display mode.
4. Free switch, kilometers and miles can be switched freely.
5. Suitable size, the display area is 5.5 inches which is very clear for driver to read data. 
6. Automatic power on and off, starting with the vehicle starting, stopping with the vehicle stopping to protect the vehicle's battery. 
7. Flexible alarm mode, HUD can offer single-stage and four-stage overspeed alarm modes to choose, making drive much safer. 
8. Engine speed alarm, it contributes to shift gear in time to save fuel.
9. Flexible brightness adjustment, the brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually to reach the best state which is in harmony with the environment.

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