HiSKY HMX280 Quadcopter

   Original title: HiSKY HMX280 racing quadcopter
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Looking at the pictures with the HISKY HMX280 racing Quad we may think that we are dealing with a waterproof aircraft, but attention, this quadcopter is NOT waterproof at all!
The designers from HiSKY have done a good job when they engineered this model. The overall look of this racer is definitely different from the one other multi-rotors have and inspires “SPEED”. Unfortunately, the airframe is made from plastic, not from fiber carbon which is more lightweight and resistant. In the front of the canopy there are two bright LED lights that probably look awesome during night flight. Two red LED lights in the rear of the aircraft and another 4 LED lights (one on each end of the arms) will help to establish the position of the quad-copter.
Regarding the specs, this quadcopter has around 400 meters control range, which is not bad at all. If you need more range, this can be increased adding a 2.4GHz range extender (booster) through the antenna’s SMA connector.
The HMX 280 Talon can be equipped with a brushless gimbal and camera, but be aware that the ground clearance is around only 4 cm and you should use only low profil gimbals.

HISKY HMX280 RTF package includes

  • HMX 280 frame kit (aircraft body);
  • 2pcs of 1818 kv1300 brushless motors (CW);
  • 2pcs of 1818 kv1300 brushless motors (CCW);
  • 4pcs of 12A ESC (brushless speed controller);
  • CC3D flight controller;
  • Receiver board (Rx);
  • X-6S Transmitter (remote controller);
  • 25C 11.1V 1350mAh Battery;
  • 3S balance battery charger;
  • 2pcs of CW propellers (black and orange);
  • 2pcs of CCW propellers (black and orange);
  • HISKY HMX280 user manual.

features and specs

  • CC3D flight controller;
  • It can be equipped with gimbal and camera;
  • It can be upgraded with GPS satellite receiver;
  • Ultra fast racing quad-copter;
  • 1300kv brushless motors;
  • 12 Amp brushless speed controller (ESC);
  • Remote controller frequency: 2.4GHz (HiSKY/ DSM2 DSMX);
  • Transmitter: X-6S (5 channels);
  • Flight range: near 400 meters;
  • Flight time : about 7-10 minutes;
  • HMX280 diagonal length: 280mm;
  • Height of the aircraft: 120mm;
  • 6 inch” (152mm) 6030 propellers;
  • HMX280 Talon Battery size: 33 x 104 x 14.5mm;
  • Battery type: 25C 11.1V 1350mAh;
  • Max. ascent and descent speed: 80km/h;
  • Max. flight speed: 80~100km/h;

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