Chuwi Hi8 Tablet under 100 € With Two Operating Systems

Price: $92.59

Do you want to spend little but at the same time you also want to have a great tablet? Imagine for example that you want a tablet under 100 € : what is the best right now? Surely the product that I'm about to offer is not among the most popular, but is equipped with Intel Quad Core 2.16GHz Z3736 , 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory (expandable) , plus it's also capable of running at the same time two systems, Android and Windows 10 . What do you think? It 'a super cheap tablet that comes directly from China at a price really low , compared to its technical features: Chuwi Hi8 available less than 100 € .

Price Chuwi Hi8 and where to buy it on offer at the lowest price

To buy the tablet with dual system, Android + Windows 10, it just takes about € 80 ! You 'an 8-inch tablet, with good performance and you can order from this price . It supports all languages, and the Italian is already preinstalled.

features Chuwi hi8

Key features tablet Chuwi Hi8

Here, briefly, the main features of this tablet super cheap, capable of running both Android and Windows 10 :

  • CPU : Intel Quad Core 2.16GHz Z3736
  • RAM : 2 GB DDR3
  • Internal memory : 32GB expandable
  • GPU : Intel HD Graphic (Gen7)
  • Screen : MagicColor Panel 8-inch WUXGA 1920x1200 rosoluzione
  • Connectivity : WiFi 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth
  • Battery : 4000mAh capacity
  • Indicative autonomy : 5 hours video playback
  • Sensors : light, g-sensor
advice best tablet under 100 Euros Chuwi hi8

special functions Chuwi hi8 Android and Windows 10

Double system: Android and Windows 10

With this tablet will sail fast online, choosing from the Android system and Windows 10 with a simple gesture. Video playback and 3D gaming experience is optimized thanks to the memory that makes all applications faster. If you need to work, study or entertainment, this tablet suits your needs.

OTG function and screen

Thanks to the OTG function , Chuwi Hi8 can connect with the keyboard, the mouse, the projector and so on. The 8-inch screen with high resolution provides good experience for watching videos and surfing the web.

tablet cheap Android and Windows 10

The size and weight

With a weight of just 304 grams and the dimensions compact (21.1 x 12.3 x 0.93 cm) , the tablet Chuwi Hi8is extremely portable. I do not think there is a tablet so cheap and efficient.

Battery and autonomy

Well with 4000 mAh capacity, the tablet super cheap (under 100 €) Chuwi Hi8 can handle the current, power and temperature and enhance performance dynamically to optimize consumption for a range suited to what we are doing . With Intel, you get a good sixty percent reduction in energy consumption, offering plenty of power for multitasking and demanding applications, especially under Windows 10.


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