[Flash Sale] Triple Cubot smartphones flash sale will start from SEP 22 @ 8:00 UTC !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very glad to tell you that Cubot Sale has just started. The Sale includes three flash sales on three Cubot smartphones.

  • 1. CUBOT H1 4G Phablet (Flash price:$129.89)
           2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, 5200mAh Battery

  • 2. CUBOT X5 4G Phablet (Flash price:$139.99)
           8MP + 16MP Camera, FHD Screen, 2GB+16GB

  • 3. CUBOT X9 3G Phablet (Flash price:$119.99)
          2GB RAM+16GB ROM, 13MP Camera

                    Limited stocks! Don't miss them!

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