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SJ7000 Action Camera Review: Bargain-Priced Cam(Posted by huntingtheriverking)

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Recently got my hands on the SJ7000, courtesy of GearBest, a new budget-priced action camera. Got to take it out on a long fishing trip to the Eastern Sierra. Check out the review AND the footage of the awesome fishing trip I had in this part of California!

The SJ7000 is yet another action camera aiming for the bargain market, with a host of neat features. At first glance, it looks just like the popular SJ4000, which I have also reviewed. In fact, it's basically a clone of it but don't take this as a bad thing! The cases are compatible, batteries, and even actual camera size are virtually identicle. Two main differences: SJ7000 sports a different software and the SJ7000 has a much larger back LCD screen, making viewing photos and adjusting settings much easier. 

The SJ7000 comes with a ton of accessories. Most action camera come with at least a few extra attachments, but the SJ7000 really piles them in. It's GoPro compatible with it's mounting system, definitely a plus.  You'll find a solid waterproof case (much easier to push the buttons on this one compared to the SJ4000 models), handlebar, belt clip, angle mount, screw mount, 90 degrees mount, charger, zip ties, adhesive pads, extra back door, and more packed into the camera box. Definitely a stellar set of accessories!

I took the SJ7000 out on a long multi-night hiking and camping trip in the Eastern Sierras. The battery held enough charge for several long hours of on/off filming and shooting. I only had to recharge it once during the trip, and was able to record fishing and hiking at 3 different locations. Camera buttons on the waterproof are really easy to push for on/off recording, and the audible beep helps you know when are actually recording. Finally, the delayed shutter options was great for grabbing some selfies with ease. I didn't the Android wifi option for syncing my phone with the camera, but it was nice knowing it was available if I needed to upload pics online without a traditional PC connection. Video quality turned out quite well, onpar with the SJ4000, maybe even a little better. I did notice the odd blue halo effect that the SJ4000 has appeared in this one as well. The photo quality seemed a little less than the SJ4000 though, strangely. Audio quality was excellent when out of the case; although I usually don't include too much audio from my fishing trips. Take a look at the following sample footage video from the trip and the photos with it! (All footage unedited/raw without color correction or contrast):

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