Only $52.99 to Get the DM08 Multifunctional Bluetooth 4.0 Watch Smart Wristwatch

Price: $52.99

Main feature:
Swing your arms regularly while walking, and the pedometer will count the steps and calories burned based on the total step counts.
Sedentary Reminder
When set the sedentary reminder time, after it will ring and vibrate to alarm you to stand up and walk.
Sleep Monitoring 
Go to the sleep monitoring menu, click start and wear DM08 watch. The user’s sleep quality will be monitored based on the vibration degree and sleep time elapsed.
When the phone receives SMS, and DM08 watch will also receive the SMS. All the information will display normally.
Dialing / Calling
Enter the number on the dialing interface of DM08 and the phone respectively to dial, then DM08 will immediately synchronize with the phone.
Call Record
Click into the call log to view all the call records on the SIM card of your phone. Select and click any number to make Bluetooth call.
Click into the address book to view all the contract number on the phone.
Bluetooth Music
DM08 can play the music that on your smart phone.
Remote Camera (iOS does not support)
When the phone is unlocked, you can use DM08 to preview pictures.

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