[Black Friday Sale] Review: Firefly 6S 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera with Gyro, NT96660 & Sony IMX078 (Gearbest.com)

Review by Sunny

Only $96.99 Shipped Firefly 6s 4K action camera!


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Conclusion: will update after tests.
CONS: No status light on the back so hard to see if it's recording or not when used as a dashcam.
This is the 1st action camera I am testing that has Gyro stabilization and can record 4k video.
It has NT96660 chip & Sony IMX078 CMOS illuminated sensor.
Product description mentions it can record videos at 1080P 60fps, 2K(2560 x 1440) 30fps and 4K (4096 x 2160)24fps (Edit: Actual 4k video recorded in Firefly 6S has 2880 x 2160p (some players show 3840 x 2160p) resolution).
Physically, it's same as 5S so buttons are same as 5S as well.
It has built in Wi-Fi that's great for setting the FOV angle as well as for live view monitoring.
You have to download Firefly app using the bar code in the product manual to use the Wi-Fi feature.
[Note: Wi-Fi doesn't work on 4k mode.]

Main features of 6S over 5S are 4k and gyro stabilization.
I've seen some sample videos with/without gyro and gyro videos are much smoother.

For more information, click here: http://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras/pp_239152.html


Firefly 6S Unboxing Video:

The Dashcam frame mount was not right on the package.
It was too loose and didn't lock the Firefly 6S as shown at the end of unboxing video.
The locking tab is not straight and is too open.
Hopefully, it's a defect on this unit and not a mass production issue.
Package contents: 
The product box is much bigger than 5S as it comes with mounting accessories and waterproof housing:
1. Firefly 6S action camera.
2. Waterproof housing (30M).
3. Bunch of GoPro style mounting accessories like handlebar, belt clip, frame, AV out cable fro flying etc...
4. Product manual.

Firefly 6S box.png


Firefly 6S side-by-side with SJ7000, Gitup Git1 and Firefly 5S:
6S is exact same size as 5S.
Front has .65" OLED screen, Power button and lens with lens cap.



Firefly 6S Folders and Files:
Root folder has 'DV' folder.
DV has following sub-folders:
Movie: For videos.
Photo: For photos.

Both videos and photos have date and time in file names. Nice!

VBR and file size:
Windows file properties shows the 4K video has 24724Kbps (27.8 mbps) and 3840 x 2160p resolution.
39 seconds clip is around 118 mb in size and 47 seconds clip is around 143 mb in size so each second is little over 3 mb in size.
With that rate, 1 minute file will be around 182 mb in size.

Photos are 4608 x 3456p or 16mp sensor and around 4mb in size.

Photos from photo mode:
These are full size (4606x3456p) hosted outside DCT.
100% view has some grains and not sharp but viewing at smaller size looks fine.
There is an option to remove fisheye effect but that's not used for these pictures.
Pictures kinda look square compared to widescreen formats due to very high vertical pixels.
Click to view full size:




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December 20, 2015 at 4:28 PM delete

Sunny, How did you verify that this camera shoots 2880 x 2160 and not true 4k?
I believe you, but would like to know how to view this kind of data from the video. I have heard that quicktime shows that is is 3840 x 2160 which is not correct.

March 10, 2016 at 10:06 AM delete

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