New Coming- Teclast X98 Plus 9.7 inch tablet that became more low price by changing the CPU


1. specs

OS: Windows 10 
CPU: Intel Atom X5-Z8300 
storage: 64GB 
Display: 9.7 inches IPS (2,048 × 1,536) 
camera: In-2MP / out 5MP 
input and output: microUSB2.0, microHDMI, microSD 
network: 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth 
battery operating time: Up to 8 hours 
Size: 23.9 x 16.9 x 0.78 cm / 0.525 kg
Supplement. OS is not explicitly stated to be 64-bit, but probably I think no doubt in 64-bit.Although According to the current sources of information (GEARBEST) OS is supposed to be that single boot of Windows 10, was a dual-boot with Android and when I arrived at hand actually to order, continental that There is also a possibility that may occur. Since the time of the X98 Pro is was true.
Other the CPU is spec down from Atom X5-Z8500 of X98 Pro to Atom X5-Z8300 will be nearly X98 Pro identical to the specs. After, Although it is battery operating time, where it was confirmed the product page of GEARBEST, where X98 Pro has become a maximum of 5 hours had stretched to the maximum 8 hours. It is not clear enough of the truth, but it is a good news to only have the X98 Pro's battery was very poor as long as it is true.
However, I Z8300 is what, Intel of ARK but If you look at the have been referred to as the maximum memory size 2GB, because the product of the Z8300 & RAM4GB from domestic and foreign manufacturers have been one after another sale, and not you are probably correspond to RAM4GB I think it is not either, and. Not equal I mon is a waste of parts.

2. housing

The Teclast X98 series There are other Air Toka several variations of the Pro, but probably I think the same housing is used. In addition, the size of the X98 Pro and X98 Plus is the same (is light towards the Plus only weight only 1g). That is, if you write it is assumed to be the same as the Pro, X98 series of the housing I think that's pretty high quality.Material There are aluminum, also be referred to, but texture, as compared with both the rigid sense of Japanese manufacturers of products we feel inferiority is not, and.
In addition, it is very beautiful there also that the display is claiming the "Retina you use the IGZO technology (also continental)". I but is actually China tablet taken in hand is two Chuwi Hi8 and Teclast X98 Pro, despite the impression of Nari low price in relation to Chuwi, without any complain regarding Teclast, was written on the extension line If to get, X98 Plus is also quite expected to be likely.

3. Pricing and Availability

Teclast X98 Plus is in presale at GEARBEST, price has become a $ 185.11 (¥ 23,680). For presale of the end date of November 30, because will be delivered since the beginning of December, it is assumed that the provisionally at hand to reach per second half of December if you want to order. This is the price of this 23,680 yen, but it is that the current price $ 231.19 6,000 yen a little less cheap in comparison with the (yen 29,575), that of the X98 Pro. As we have written so far, the difference between the X98 Plus and Pro because such only specifications of CPU, towards Plus If it is not spec kitchen might affordable impression.

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Guys found it for 194 usd from china