Teclast X98 Air iii Review – Should you go for it ?

Price: $129.49

Teclast X98 Air iii Rating
  • Performance - 84
  • Design & Build - 79
  • Screen & Display - 83
  • Battery Life - 88
  • Sound - 72
User Rating: 4.0 (1 votes)

Teclast X98 Air iii Review :

Companies are launching the smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other various gadgets every single week or you can say every single day too. Many new Tech Gadgets are coming into the Market and trying to get that space in this crowded market. But, as we all know only the one who will provide Quality and value to the Customer will Succeed. and Companies are trying their best to impress you. But, sometimes User’s want something unique and one which will satisfy their heart. then only they will buy Your Product rather than the Bullshit tech out there. Anyways, we will get back to the point now. Today we have the Teclast X98 Air iii for the Review. for those who are not familiar with this company, it’s a China-based tech firm that specializes in building feature-rich tablets and music players.Let’s get started with the Review itself.
Are you interested in buying the Teclast X98 Air III Tablet PC and maybe you do not know its main features and specifications? Well, worry not, we have you covered here. Through this article we will inform you in details about the many great features about this tablet and give you its specifications. By the end of this read you will know all about this tablet as if you have used it before. That is not all, we will also give you the many advantages about this tablet and also the few limitations that this device could have.
Features :
To start with, the Teclast X98 has a 1.8GHz Quad Core which offers very good performance when performing functions like gaming and surfing among others. The quad core has also help to provide a lot of power which is really important especially in multitasking activities. It has also helped to further reduce the power consumption of the device by up to sixty percent!
The tablet also has the Generation 7 Intel HD Graphic processor. This offers an awesome experience in terms of quality when it comes to watching videos and playing games. The graphic processor also helps in making the device function faster.
Teclast X98 Air 3 also has a very good ROM and RAM size. The 2GB Ram help to offer great video viewing and ultrafast browsing. It has further been installed with DDR3 memory which helps to give a 3D experience when gaming and also improve the speed of running applications.
Teclast X98 Air iii Review
Display & Performance :
It has a 9.7’ screen which measures 2048 by 1536. This IPS retina screen provides a very good experience when surfing through the internet and watching different videos.
The device is also installed with the latest android system the 5.0. This system has a better interface and a really smooth running effect.
Battery :
Its 8000mAh battery helps to increase the performance of the device dynamically and meets the power, temperature and current needs of this tablet.

This device also has an HDMI output and this feature is very useful because it will help you to connect the tablet with other devices like a projector, TV and monitor screen. Hence you will be able to project all the things you are doing on the tablet to the screens!
Camera :
It is a selfie world and this device has not been left behind. The 2.0MP front camera is very clear and gives high quality pictures. The back 5.0MP camera is also very clear and with an auto focus that helps to make high quality video calls and recordings.
To help in transferring of data and files, the tablet has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
This tablet also supports various other functions among them is MP4, Wi-Fi, MP3, Calculator and the Calendar.
Just to mention a few of this device’s advantages is its comfortable and sensitive touch screen.
The device is also very light and portable therefore you can easily carry around in the office or at home.
It is also quite a good bargain to buy this tablet. For the features it offers and its specification, it has been really fairly priced compared to its competitors.
The speakers of this tablet are quite loud but do not offer a strong bass and this is a blow especially to music lovers.
Teclast X98 Air iii
Conclusion & Where to Buy :
From the above information you can now see that the Teclast X98 Air III tablet is a really cool device and has a lot to offer but not for the music lovers maybe. Therefore, if you are interested in Buying this Tablet then you would need to Hurry up for the ongoing Discount by Gearbest. They are giving Flat 47% Discount on this tablet for the presale promotion. so, you can grab it for just ~$140 before October 20th. Check out below links for the Discounts.
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