[ New Arrival Collection ] [ Brand New ] Keith - Pure Titanium Camping Tools

#1    Keith KR1304 Human Body Shaped Titanium Pendant

URL:    http://goo.gl/K3HhxH
Price:    $6.48
Features:    Three sizes socket wrenches / Bottle opener / Pretty cute human body shaped design / Can be hung on your necklace with a string

#2    Keith KR1302 Multi-purpose Titanium Pendant

URL:    http://goo.gl/hxUpAu
Price:    $6.52
Features:    Three sizes socket wrenches / Ruler / Straight screwdriver

#3    Keith Ti1202 Big Three Prism V-shaped Tent Nail

URL:    http://goo.gl/JdQWiI
Price:    $5.30
Features:    Three prism V-shaped / Beautiful hollow-out design

#4    Keith Ti1203 15.6cm Sharp Titanium Tent Nail

URL:    http://goo.gl/t8piOd
Price:    $3.90
Features:    Enough length to fix the tent / Ultralight weight

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