[ New Arrivals ] Practical Useful First Aid Gear Collection

#1    Disposable CPR Emergency Mask

URL:    http://goo.gl/i8s7g9
Price:    $1.43

[ Main Features ]
  • One way valve design
  • Being packed in a keychain bag
  • Compacted in shape, can be placed into any first aid kit
  • Disposable design, easy to carry
  • Apply to heart attack, drowning, suffocation and other unexpected events of consciousness

#2    Multi-function First-aid Kit Medicine Package

URL:    http://goo.gl/j9FjbA
Price:    $3.41

[ Main Features ]
  • Scientific and reasonable first-aid kit
  • Items: Scissor, tweezers, bandage, adhesive tape, sting relief medicated pad, alcohol pad, sterile gauze swab, adhesive strips, elastic band, English survival manual
  • Portable size
  • Being used for family or travel, timely handling unexpected emergencies 

#3    Multifunctional First-aid Kit Medicine Package

URL:    http://goo.gl/o1pXVg
Price:    $5.7

#4    100pcs Alcohol Pads First Aid Essentials

URL:    http://goo.gl/jLvWW6
Price:    $3.26

[ Main Features ]
  • Component content: 70 percent medical alcohol + non-woven fabrics
  • For scrubbing and cleaning injured body, disinfecting items
  • Necessity for outdoor activities and daily use

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