2016 MWC is coming, Let's Look Back to the Past Hot Technologies!

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If the beginning of the CES opened heavy curtain of releasing the new phone in 2016, then we can call the MWC is the first wave of releasing new phones in 2016. MWC(Mobile World Congress), the largest global communications and influence of the exhibition, Many well-known enterprises will attend each year around the world. MWC is the best place where the manufacturers release new products and show how powerful they are.

MWC 2016, the handset maker will focus on the release of its latest products, and lay a solid foundation for the market in the first half of 2016. For now, Samsung's Galaxy S7, Sony C6, HTC M10 are expected to debut. There is no doubt that the MWC is one of the most noteworthy event of science and technology.

Today, I will introduce you some classic previous technology and product which was released in past MWC. And here is a big promotion of these past flagship devices i am gonna share with you.

2011: fingerprint recognition debut

2012-2014: Into the multicore period

2015: Arc Screen

And More product you can click here.

For MWC 2016, which cool tech do you think will be revealed? And what new products are you most looking forward to?

Join us, comment and share your thoughts about MWC 2016, then you have chance to win the awesome phone XIAOMI MI5.

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