GTeng T909

$39.58. Presale date end up on April 30th.
New item: FPV Watch Wearable Receiver for Real-time Transmission.

  • Wearable receiver watch, super convenient for using and looks really cool 
  • With 2.6 inch LCD screen, good enough to read the data on the screen
  • Antenna: Built-in 3dBi copper tube 5.8G antenna
  • Power button: Start up or shutdown
  • CH button: Long-press for adjusting frequency response, short-press for adjusting channels
  • Battery: Built-in 350mAh Li-Po 
  • Channel lights: Indicating the current channel ( e.g. the corresponding red lights will turn on when it is in E1 )
  • Charge time: About 70mins
  • Service time: About 60mins
  • Receive distance: About 60m

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