[New Arrive] Kinglux 2.5 x 42 Professional Constellation Binoculars

URL:  http://gbe.st/B5ixbc

Price:  $104.81

Discount:  53% Off

A new item on Gearbest. With this professional binoculars, you are able to view many huge field of constellations in their entirety and millions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.It's really romantic to take your lovers to find your own Constellations.

[Main Features]

  •  It is a handy binocular, suitable for observing star
  •  Fully multi-coated for maximum brightness
  •  Huge field of view will contain many constellations in their entirety
  •  Raise the binoculars to your eyes, many objects just below naked eye visibility pop into view
  • A series of small baffles to eliminate stray reflections, getting clear images 
  •  Excellent for scanning Milky Way star clouds and dark nebulae on dark nights
  •  You can enjoy finding a row of stars in constellations and millions of stars in the Milky Way    Galaxy
  •  The binoculars doesn't have prism

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